Are you a gamer who wants to upgrade your aim for first-person shooters?

Whether it’s for eSports, competitive PVP or for clout, here’s an overlooked piece of the puzzle.

While there’s no substitute for practice and talent, gamers will climb over barbed wire and crawl through broken glass for more FPS (Frames Per Second) and a lighter mouse. It means buying an ancient TN panel with terrible viewing angles and colors for faster response times. Even if it means setting graphics to the lowest setting on a RTX3070. It also means buying a AAA to AA adapter to shave a couple grams off a mouse.

Gamers will do anything to raise the ceiling on their aiming potential.

So what’s the last piece of the puzzle gamers overlook? You might have heard of it, unintentionally used some too, or even scoffed at it.

What you put in your body matters. That’s why some eSports leagues have banned Adderall and Ritalin like the Olympics have with PEDs (Performance-Enhancing Drugs). Besides being banned, they have nasty side effects too.

But not all sports leagues have banned everything. Whey protein helps build and maintain muscle and is legal and safe. Likewise supplements known as nootropics play a similar role for the mind. Several nootropics are legal and safe, if you follow the instructions.

The most popular nootropic is caffeine, and it’s also the choice for most gamers. Gamers opt for carbonated drinks like Red Bull or powered options like G-Fuel. They’re a mix of caffeine, sugar, sugar alcohol, vitamins and some flavoring.

You know the trouble with caffeine? It takes an hour for you to feel anything, and it lasts 3-5 hours and you may get jitters. Then you get the nasty energy crash and become drowsy.

People either endure the energy crash, or consume more caffeine. When they do the latter they develop tolerance problems, which means you don’t feel more alert, you just want to feel normal now.

The only way to feel caffeine’s benefits is to re-sensitize yourself, which means quitting it for a while. I don’t have to explain to you why having a splitting headache for a week isn’t fun.

Then there’s the problem of sugar. I doubt you want to be diabetic or make your diabetes worse. And sugar makes you fat.

So what do you do?

You need to kick this old approach of performance enhancement with caffeine to the curb. You can increase your focus, alertness, calmness, and support your energy levels without caffeine and sugar.

How? The answer comes from an unlikely source.


They make supplements for tactical shooters, including law enforcement and military. They also have celebrity hunters and competitive archery champions among their clientele.

During the lockdown I had free time to game, and my two bottles from Aimcise got less action because ranges were closed, and ammo was (and is) stupid expensive. And my two bottles were expiring soon. Instead of tossing them, I tried them while playing a few games for fun.

You know what happened? I drained both bottles in a few weeks and bought more.

I first noticed some effects in StarCraft 2, I was usually at 50-60 APM (Actions Per Minute), but I went up to 60-70. It’s not impressive, but it was a leap for me.

When I started playing more shooters, that’s when everything “clicked”. My average KD ratio shot up, and everything was “just connecting” more.

These were the three biggest things I noticed.

  • Faster Reaction Times
    Your flick shots will connect more often. You see an enemy within your frame, and you effortlessly flick your mouse, get a headshot, and re-center in seconds.
  • Better Working Memory
    You’ll have a slightly easier time retracing newer maps you’re less familiar with. And you compensate recoil faster with less familiar weapons.
  • Regulate Frustration and Stress
    Ever had a cold streak? You know how it eats at you until you rage quit? Now you become more zen and stay in control longer.

    It’s also useful when you’re the last man standing in a CSGO round. The other team planted the bomb, and your team is watching you. You become more clutch.

Doesn’t it make sense supplements that help people who shoot and dodge real bullets in real life, can give you an amazing competitive edge?

The two bottles of Aimcise I used were ProFocus and RokSolid.

ProFocus is self explanatory, it improves your focus and your working memory. You’re not as alert as you would be on caffeine, but you don’t get jitters and tolerance problems. RokSolid is where you become more calm in anxiety ridden situations.

When you combine ProFocus and RokSolid, you can sharpen your mind and twitch reflex in chaotic environments.

You know the most interesting thing? When I ran out of ProFocus and RokSolid, I noticed my skills didn’t drop off by a lot. Maybe some of those newly learned skills became muscle memory, but I admit it’s anecdotal.

Aimcise makes supplements in the United States that pass WADA guidelines (World Anti-Doping Agency), because it’s used in professional competitions. This means they’re legal and safe. WADA’s guidelines are strict to the point of overkill in eSports. But you can rest easy knowing you aren’t breaking any rules.

If you want to elevate your gaming performance with ProFocus and RokSolid, and gain an edge none of your friends possess, try some here.