Are you a gamer who wants to upgrade your aim for first-person shooters?

Whether it’s for eSports, competitive PVP or for clout, here’s an overlooked piece of the puzzle.

If you ever tried gaming at the highest level, you know that feeling when you start to zone out… your attention drifts, eyes are strained and energy levels dip… you put everything at risk.

If so, you are in good company because many gamers often feel the same, and it can prevent them from performing at their best.

Gamers will do anything to raise the ceiling on their aiming potential.

Competitive gaming takes a lot of mental and visual energy. Players need to always stay sharp, fired up, and focused for long stretches of time. All while supporting eye health because of the barrage of blue light from computer screens. Which can cause fatigue, crushing headaches and poor eyesight.

Energy drinks and coffee aren’t designed for these challenges. They come with a quick boost, but not without issues like jitters, crashes, and needing more to get the same effect. Besides, they do nothing for eye health or a better mood.

But what most gamers don’t know is there’s an alternative that’s designed for the real-world SpecOps, competitive pistol shooters and world-class archers, to help them with focus, energy and alertness that affects shooting accuracy and speed.

It’s made by AIMCISE, which was founded by an ex-military competitive shooter and a champion archer. Their mission is to help shooters perform at their best.

The ingredients in AIMCISE products were thoroughly tested on tactical personnel and law enforcement marksmen. They were even tested on soccer players and varsity athletes, and with very favorable results, like 38% longer peak performance, longer period of high alertness, less mistakes and so on.

These products were designed for elite shooters, cops and military personnel from the get go. But Esports players can now get in on the action.

When they tested the formula on Esports players, the results shocked the researchers, so they thought gamers would love it too... Besides improving focus, alertness, and reaction times, AIMCISE products can provide a boost of clean energy and even support eye health.

Aimcise Ready is a blend of natural ingredients that provide smooth energy for 6-8 hours. It has none of the drawbacks of sugary energy drinks, such as jittery hands, sugar crashes and needing “to go” at the worst moments!

  • Faster Reaction Times
    Your flick shots will connect more often. You see an enemy within your frame, and you effortlessly flick your mouse, get a headshot, and re-center in seconds.
  • Better Working Memory
    You’ll have a slightly easier time retracing newer maps you’re less familiar with. And you compensate recoil faster with less familiar weapons.
  • Regulate Frustration and Stress
    Ever had a cold streak? You know how it eats at you until you rage quit? Now you become more zen and stay in control longer.

    It’s also useful when you’re the last man standing in a CSGO round. The other team planted the bomb, and your team is watching you. You become more clutch.

Unlike the energy drinks from 7-11s that mega-doses on Caffeine and Sugar, Aimcise READY has Teacrine and Dynamine and a small amount of Caffeine for bioavailability. Same benefits, but without the drawbacks.

Teacrine and Dynamine also give a smoother energy source, keep you going longer than Caffeine, help get you motivated, and put you in a positive mood. But without raising your heart rate or blood pressure. You won't build up resistance quickly either, so you feel the benefits each time.

Aimcise Ready has lutein and zeaxanthin, two must-have carotenoids for your eyes' health. The retina holds carotenoids which act as a guard against a monitor's blue light. They also support your vision, help you see contrasts, and cut down on glare… all key to better gaming performance.

Aimcise Ready isn’t a quick-fix - it's a complete approach that improves and supports your mind, eyes, and gaming performance.

If you're using Aimcise Ready, take one capsule just half an hour before you game. You'll feel a change in your energy, mood, and focus.

Don't let exhaustion, lack of focus and eye strain keep you from being the best gamer you can be. Give Aimcise Ready a try today and see how it can help you perform better and longer!