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Do You Have To Shoot Under Stress?

Shoot Accurately, Consistently, Confidently - Even Fatigued & Stressed

Without Relying on Bad Coffee and Sugary Energy Drinks

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Why It's Finally Time to

Change Your OLD Ways of Beating Fatigue & Stress...

(AKA Get a Faster and Longer Energy Kick without the crash)

As you know,

whether you’re a competitive shooter at a range for an all-day tournament, a hunter out on a long hunt, a cop on a graveyard shift that patrols dangerous neighborhoods, or a law-abiding citizen crossing an unlit parking lot after a long workday.

You need to stay alert, vigilant and ready for anything, so you can bring home the gold, bring home harvested wild game, or return home alive…


Caffeine is the most consumed stimulant available...

The Olympics almost outlawed it because it was so powerful.

Because of the widely known benefits of caffeine, we won’t spend too much time on how it can

  • Boost Energy
  • Promote Alertness
  • ​Support Concentration

Let's look at what makes Aimcise NEWEST product

so revolutionary!?

What’s wrong with “just” caffeine...? Like drinking a cup of joe or energy drink before you shoot?

In One Word, "Inconsistency"...

Caffeine can’t sustain smooth focus, which hurts your shot’s consistency and accuracy. That’s why they have these annoying side effects.

  • Jitters(high blood pressure and your “racing heart” throws your aim off)
  • Crashes(after the caffeine wears off, you want to sleep… terrible if you practice and shoot late)
  • Tolerance Build Up (your alertness become “weaker” over time, forcing you to “up” your dose)

If you’re a coffee lover there’s even problems…

  • Toxicity(Without quality-control, coffee can be toxic. You have to pay a premium for pesticide free coffee)
  • Mycotoxins(This common toxic mold grows inside coffee beans. It can cause pain and inflammation. It’s even linked to kidney diseases)
  • Stomach Pain(Coffee doesn’t “agree” with everyone. Which means several trips to the bathroom, heartburn and indigestion and more)

…Not to mention needing to “go” at the worst times!

How AIMCISE READY Sustains your Alertness & Vigilance

People have tried to mix Caffeine with l-theanine, to subdue the jitters and caffeine crash, but it has a major problem.

L-Theanine activates the Alpha Waves1, which are associated with sleep and stress relief. But it does nothing for focus, especially when the Caffeine wears off.

AIMCISE READY’s new revolutionary ingredients are TeaCrine® and Dynamine™. They activate Theta and Delta Waves, which are associated with focus and decisions under pressure. It subdues jitters and crashes too, but lasts longer.

TeaCrine® is Caffeine's younger brother with long-lasting energy without jitters, crashes and tolerance problems. Dynamine™ is the middle brother between TeaCrine® and Caffeine.

Aimcise Ready combines caffeine with TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ to make the latter two more bioavailable2.

It Supports Your Motivation, and Why That’s Important

TeaCrine® also stops the reuptake of dopamine3, so you get a steady supply of it. In other words, it helps you feel good without being addictive.

This helps you do difficult things. Whether it’s practicing your shot more, sticking to a diet, maintaining your shot’s form during bouts of frustration, or willingness to overcome stressful situations to stay focused.

A Breakthrough after 20 Years of Limited Innovation in Energy Products

Our formulation partner found a natural version of theacrine in kuch tea leaves and named it TeaCrine®. Our formulation partner spent $2 million in scientific research on this.

They have clinically tested TeaCrine® in six separate human trials to ensure it safely enhances your cognitive and physical performance.

How Caffeine + TeaCrine® + Dynamine™ Gives Shooters an Advantage

A University of South Carolina scientific study4 showed Tactical Shooters with 150mg of Caffeine with TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ performed as well as shooters with 300mg of Caffeine. Their reaction times and mental acuity were better than shooters who don’t use caffeine or the Caffeine + TeaCrine® + Dynamine™ mix.

What this means in practice: 1 mg of Aimcise Ready’s caffeine (paired with TeaCrine® and Dynamine™) is 2x as powerful and longer lasting. And TeaCrine® + Dynamine™ nullifies Caffeine’s jitters, energy crashes and tolerance problems.

This mix is the heart of Aimcise Ready, so you perform beyond your norm and go the extra mile.

In another study from Rutgers University5 on a different group of athletes, it found they performed at their peak up to 38% longer with TeaCrine® than the placebo group!

This is crucial whether you’re a competitive shooter at a range for an all-day tournament, a hunter out on a long hunt, a cop on a graveyard shift that patrols dangerous neighborhoods, or a law-abiding citizen crossing an unlit parking lot after a long workday.

You need to stay alert, vigilant and ready for anything, so you can bring home the gold, bring home harvested wild game, or return home alive…

But that’s not all.

How Aimcise Ready Also Saves You Time & Money!

Since we began Aimcise, our most popular products helped shooters with Focus, Vision and Energy. But we wanted to better serve our customers, so we listened to their feedback.

That’s why we simplified and reformulated ProFocus, ProVision and ProKinetic into this one-and-done product. You get three for the price of one.

You don’t need to remember taking multiple capsules, now it’s one capsule and you’re READY to go.

So you’ll FEEL the
Vigilance, Vision & Energy!

(And your wallet will thank you!)

...Plus, because we’re an exclusive direct-to-consumer brand, and we want you to save even more money... we’ll pass the wholesale price to you!


Full Month Supply $34.99 + FREE Shipping

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The Powerful Benefits of the New Aimcise Ready

  • ​Fewer tolerance issues.
  • ​Fewer jitters so it won’t throw you off like normal caffeine.
  • ​No post-caffeine crashes (if you only use Aimcise Ready)
  • ​Less caffeine drinks means fewer trips to “the bathroom”... which is huge for pretty much anyone, who’s not an office worker!


"I wanted to take a second and talk to you about Aimcise newest supplement, RokSolid. You don't get the nervous like shaky anxiety. You still get excited, it's still fun but you make better shots than you would in the past."

- Dave Gore | Aimcise Pro Hunter

"Aimcise is the first company I've found that has made it easy for me to keep with my routine. The pills aren't huge or hard to swallow, they don't require you take 50 a day and they allow me to focus on taking only the vitamins and minerals my body needs."

- Crystal Gauvin | Pro Championship Compound Female

"My favorite product is the ProFocus. I really like that one just because obviously it's going to help you focus, that's in the name, but also it really help calm your nerves, helps keep you relaxed and it gives you the confidence that you need going into the first scoring round of the day."

- Paige Pearce | Pro Championship Compound Female

"I love this supplement. I've found it to be very beneficial for long shooting rounds or even long sits in the tree stand. I've also noticed my focus has improved for lectures at school as well. I highly recommend."

- Bailey Smith | Pro Hunter & Archer

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aimcise Ready safe?

We manufactured them at an FDA Certified Facility and is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A GMP certification means our products meet quality standards and are made the same.

We only use OTC legal supplements and it doesn’t breach WADA guidelines.

What's Aimcise Ready made from?

You can check out the ingredients on our label.

What’s the difference between TeaCrine® (Theacrine) and Dynamine™ (Methylliberine)? Why include both?

Dynamine™ feels like a Caffeine kick, but without a racing heart. It also acts faster and hits harder but has a shorter half-life than TeaCrine®. But it lasts longer than Caffeine.

Why include Caffeine?

Caffeine helps your body absorb more of the TeaCrine® and Dynamine™, and the latter two amplify the benefits of Caffeine by 200%, without the jitters and crash from doubling your caffeine intake

Can I take Aimcise Ready anytime?

We suggest you take Aimcise Ready 20-30 minutes before an activity.

What’s the difference between TeaCrine® + Dynamine™ to Caffeine

“Adenosine receptors” make you sleepy. Caffeine “blocks” them so you feel more awake, but you’ll build up tolerance so it’s less effective. You also get jitters and have hard midday crashes when the blockers wear off.

TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ don’t block “adenosine receptors” like Caffeine, it uses “gentle inhibition”, you don’t have the same side-effects as Caffeine.

Will I develop tolerance issues with TeaCrine® & Dynamine™?

No, because they both use “gentle inhibition” of adenosine receptors (which makes you sleepy) unlike Caffeine. Here's a TeaCrine® study on this issue.

...findings support the clinical safety and non-habituating neuro-energetic effects of TeaCrine®® supplementation over 8 weeks of daily use (up to 300 mg/day). Moreover, there was no evidence of a tachyphylactic response that is typical of neuroactive agents such as caffeine and other stimulants.”