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What exactly does Aimcise do?

The Aimcise supplement system combines targeted dietary supplements that will allow your body, eyes, and brain to operate at optimum performance for competition. Our system supports a healthy gut, healthy joints, healthy eyes, and focused brain to allow your entire body to perform under tournament conditions. In addition, our products allow your body and brain to recover so that you can continue to perform over several days.

The Aimcise supplement system has targeted 5 specific areas of concern for the competitive shooter:

  1. Mental Focus & Competition Nerves
  2. Vision health & focus
  3. Joint and muscle strength and recovery from repetitious movement
  4. Gut health that impacts not only digestion but overall body health
  5. Nighttime sleep recovery for a strong mental game.

Aimcise supplements allow the body to naturally promote peak performance in these areas and enhance a shooter’s ability to perform consistently and in top form. If you have hit a wall in performance or think you have not hit your potential yet, Aimcise supplements are a great way to be the best you can be.

Is Aimcise OK to use during a tournament if you are tested for drugs or doping?

All Aimcise products are natural supplements and not drugs. This video can explain:

None of the ingredients in any Aimcise product violate the prohibited substances list by World Archery or any other anti-doping agency. A list of prohibited substances is found here:

Our supplements consistently score 5/7 or 6/7 on the DoD “Operation Supplement Safety” Scorecard: and do not contain any ingredients, prohibited by the DoD:

Although most gun shooting disciplines don’t test for banned substances currently, they may in the future. You can rest assured that our all-natural vitamins and minerals should not violate any banned substances list, and are certainly not drugs prohibited from competition.

How often do I need to take Aimcise Product?

Ideally, you want to have all aspects of your body and brain in optimum performance mode before a competition and then continuing throughout it. Since Aimcise supplements are not drugs, that means the supplements need some time to work and allow your body to start achieving improved performance.

All Aimcise products have a recommended serving size per day (all bottles typically contain 30 days worth of servings). Please follow the instructions on the label. Depending on what kind of shooter you are and how often you have competitions, leagues, or just fun shoots, here is what we recommend:

Tournament shooters & Year-Round competitors: For those of you that don’t have significant breaks between shoots and essentially shoot year-round, Aimcise suggests taking your Aimcise supplements every day throughout the year, without any breaks. If you are looking to keep your performance at its highest level, you can’t stop taking the supplements and expect the same results year-round. This is similar to working out – you don’t expect to be able to work out with the same strength and endurance if you take a couple of months off, versus continuing to workout without any breaks. Daily supplementation ensures you have given your body everything it needs to perform year-round.

Occasional shooters & seasonal competitors: For those that don’t compete all the time, or go significant amounts of time between competitions and shooting we suggest you should start your Aimcise Professional Shooting System plan at least 30 days before a big tournament, shoot, or league event, and continue to utilize the products throughout the competition to maintain the peak condition you have achieved. Trying to utilize Aimcise products less than 30 days before an event generally will not allow your body and brain enough time to rely on the benefits of the ingredients to achieve maximum performance.

Are there any side effects?

The vast majority of our customers have never reported any side effects. Please follow the instructions on dosage and timing listed on the product labels, and check with your physician about any of the ingredients listed, in case of any doubts.

Do you offer a guarantee?

In 90 days, if you wouldn't jump into shark infested waters to get our product back, we will return every dollar you paid.

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