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The processing time for orders is 2-5 business days. Once the courier is already done loading your package on the plane, delivery time within the United States is approximately 4-7, and 10-25 days internationally. Please also take note that there are some unforeseen circumstances like customs delays that we are not able to control on our end and there are also some delays if there is an upcoming holiday season.

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We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. Buyers are required to provide photographic evidence of the product defects to aimcise@aimcise.com.

In the events where the product received comes with manufacturing defects, buyers are entitled to request for a product replacement within 90 days from placing an order.

To request for a replacement, buyers are required to provide photographic evidence of the product’s manufacturing defects to aimcise@aimcise.com.

If the case is deemed valid we will notify you via email on where to return and ValueGearOnline will cover related cost to deliver a replacement.

No re-stocking fees will be charged.

After 90 days from placing an order, buyers can no longer request for item replacement for any reason.

Yes. We offer a 90 day guarantee with refund as stated above.

We do not offer exchanges, but we offer refunds or replacements as per our refunds and replacement policies.

We are not responsible if a package is un-deliverable because of missing, incomplete or incorrect destination information. Please enter the correct shipping details when checking out. If you realize you have made an error in your shipping details, kindly e-mail us at aimcise@aimcise.com as soon as possible. for more information see our shipping policy.

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Buyers are not allowed to cancel their purchases after the orders are placed. But if a mistake was made during ordering, and the order is still being processed, please reach out and we can attempt to make changes to your order.

Check your inbox for a shipping confirmation email, which includes a link to track your package. Still can’t find it? Just contact us at aimcise@aimcise.com with your order number, email address and shipping details and we will give you a tracking number & estimate you can view here.

If you have any questions that are not on this FAQ page, please email us at aimcise@aimcise.com where we will promptly get back to you!

Product Inquiries

Let me illustrate some common situations.

What if you live up north? You probably work inside and walk outside covered in warm clothing. Which means you won’t get enough sunlight (Vitamin D3) during winters. Now you won’t feel “different”, but your health is less than optimal. That’s why many people get the cold or flu during winters. Supplementation helps here.

Here’s another example. Suppose you’re on shift work as a police officer. Normal people sleep at night and wake up in the morning. But you don’t have that luxury, so you have difficulty going to sleep. That’s why our ProSleep formula is useful, it helps you transition from night shift to a day shift. It won't be easy, but it’s still an improvement.

Supplements help buffer or offset undesirable situations you might not realize.

Many competitive shooters use it, because every edge matters. Why leave the advantage off the table?

You can squeeze more practice to sharpen your skill. And you’re more calm and focused under intense and challenging situations.

Age degrades our mental and physical functions. Why would you go down without a fight? You can delay and slow the degradation and extend with the right supplements. We even have supplements with anti-aging properties.

Aimcise has a 90 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Yes, we use only OTC (Over The Counter) legal supplements.

Aimcise’s founders are competitive shooters too. We know the rules, because we follow them too. This means we take even more care. Our supplements don’t breach WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines.

We manufacture our supplements in a FDA Certified Facility. It’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by the FDA. A GMP Certification means our products meet quality standards and we make them the same.

It’s simple. You buy yourself more time. Time is more finite than money. You extend your career and/or your ability to shoot out of enjoyment.

Have you suffered an injury before? You’ll notice your skills and physical abilities degrade after a layoff. Let’s not forget getting back into game shape takes time too. With the right supplements, you have shorter down time.

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Yes! All Aimcise products are natural supplements and not drugs. None of the ingredients in any Aimcise product violate the prohibited substances list by World Archery or any other anti-doping agency. A list of prohibited substances is found here: https://www.wada-ama.org/en/what-we-do/the-prohibited-list

Although most gun shooting disciplines don’t test for banned substances currently, they may in the future. You can rest assured that our all-natural vitamins and minerals should not violate any banned substances list, and are certainly not drugs prohibited from competition.

The Aimcise supplement system combines targeted dietary supplements that will allow your body, eyes, and brain to operate at optimum performance for competition. Our system supports a healthy gut, healthy joints, healthy eyes, and focused brain to allow your entire body to perform under tournament conditions. In addition, our products allow your body and brain to recover so that you can continue to perform over several days.

The Aimcise supplement system has targeted 5 specific areas of concern for the competitive shooter:

1. Mental Focus & Competition Nerves

2. Vision health & focus

3. Joint and muscle strength and recovery from repetitious movement

4. Gut health that impacts not only digestion but overall body health

5. Nighttime sleep recovery for a strong mental game.

Aimcise supplements allow the body to naturally promote peak performance in these areas and enhance a shooter’s ability to perform consistently and in top form. If you have hit a wall in performance or think you have not hit your potential yet, Aimcise supplements are a great way to be the best you can be.

Ideally, you want to have all aspects of your body and brain in optimum performance mode before a competition and then continuing throughout it. Since Aimcise supplements are not drugs, that means the supplements need some time to work and allow your body to start achieving improved performance.

All Aimcise products have a 1 pill serving size per day (all bottled contain 60 days worth of servings). All supplements, except for ProSleep are recommended to be taken in the morning with food. ProSleep is recommended to be taken approximately one hour before attempting to fall asleep. Depending on what kind of shooter you are and how often you have competitions, leagues, or just fun shoots, here is what we recommend:

Tournament shooters & Year-Round competitors: For those of you that don’t have significant breaks between shoots and essentially shoot year-round, Aimcise suggests taking your Aimcise supplements every day throughout the year, without any breaks. If you are looking to keep your performance at its highest level, you can’t stop taking the supplements and expect the same results year-round. This is similar to working out – you don’t expect to be able to work out with the same strength and endurance if you take a couple of months off, versus continuing to workout without any breaks. Daily supplementation ensures you have given your body everything it needs to perform year-round.

Occasional shooters & seasonal competitors: For those that don’t compete all the time, or go significant amounts of time between competitions and shooting we suggest you should start your Aimcise Professional Shooting System plan at least 30 days before a big tournament, shoot, or league event, and continue to utilize the products throughout the competition to maintain the peak condition you have achieved. Trying to utilize Aimcise products less than 30 days before an event generally will not allow your body and brain enough time to rely on the benefits of the ingredients to achieve maximum performance.

Professional Archer Paul Tedford was competing on the international circuit and wanted to take his competition game to the next level. Paul wanted an all-natural supplement that was easy to take and would help him ascend from being very competitive – to becoming a champion. Paul worked with developers to create a proprietary blend of ingredients he personally tested to create products that helped him calm down during competitions and enhanced his mental focus. Since beginning the Aimcise Professional Shooting System, Paul has gone on to achieve amazing success in professional archery including podium finishes in several professional tournaments and winning the Lancaster Classic in 2018 and the Redding Trail Shoot in 2018.

No, as long you follow the instructions on dosage and timing.