I began learning to shoot at an older age. My aim was pretty bad.

But hey, better late than never. I don’t buy the “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” mindset. 

So through sheer stubbornness and practice, I improved my aim. But maintaining a steady position for an extended period of time, it did a number to my joints.


Extended contraction plus old age equals joint pain hell. 

When I experienced pain, I endured it. Much to my detriment.

You know what happened of course. It finally hit me when I shot that white tail.

I tried “restarting” shooting when the pain was manageable again. Even for shorter periods. But it would return with a vengeance.

I almost gave up shooting.

It also affected my everyday life. I dreaded the mere acts of dressing up, cooking and driving. I couldn’t even walk my dog anymore!

When I went shopping, I needed my wife or young son to lift things for me. There were things I could handle before the injury. I hated being so dependent.

Here’s an ugly biological fact. As you age, your body declines. 

How so?

You lose 3-8% muscle mass each decade, lose bone density, and your joints are less mobile and flexible.

The trouble about age-related decline?

So what can you do?

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DISCLAIMER There is no instant cure to joint pain and damage. Severity of damage or injury can alter the recovery time. This varies from person to person.

In my case, it was an elbow injury. But it didn’t require surgery or anything invasive.

I got my 8 hours of sleep and did light workouts. I maintained my discipline and ate pretty clean.

When you supplement with Aimcise ProJoint, it helps but it’s not a miracle drug.