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"Looking to Maximize Your Aim and Twitch Reflex Potential in First Person Shooters?

"New Focus and Calm Supplements for

First-Person Shooters

Without Jitters, Sugar or Caffeine Crashes.."

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I LOVE IT! Hunted in the last couple of years all have been with RokSolid and ProFocus. Calm + Steady +Focus = full freezers. Simply the best supplement for Shooters and Hunters!"
- D. Cepeda, Competitive Pro Shooter

Proudly Made In The USA In A GMP & FDA Registered Facility


As you know,

Caffeine is the most used performance enhancing substance available whether or not you game… there are countless studies showing its effectiveness in

  • Increasing Wakefulness
  • ​Decreasing Fatigue
  • ​Improving Concentration

The only problems people ran into were:

  • Energy Crashes then Drowsiness
  • Shaking and Jitters
  • Tolerance Weakens Benefits Overtime

Aimcise makes supplements for competitive and tactical shooters. It’s used by champion archers, celebrities, law enforcement and military personnel.

Aimcise supplements help them focus and calm their nerves. Whether it’s in competition, a high octane firefight or buck fever when he sets your sights on your game animal.

The supplements didn’t rely on stimulants like caffeine because of its side-effects. And if shooters use caffeine already, it won’t create tolerance problems.

You get SMOOTH focus over a few hours.

We’ve collected feedback from our tactical shooter community who tried ProFocus and Aimcise in titles like CSGO, Call of Duty Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege and Escape from Tarkov. And much to their surprise, they saw performance gains and higher KD ratios!

They had:

Faster Reaction Times (flick shots connect more often, greater situational awareness to background sounds)

Improved Working Memory (retrace maps faster, compensate recoil quicker with unfamiliar weapons)

Better Stress Management (less rage quitting, and endure “last man standing” and high pressure situations without choking)

All our products are World Anti Doping Administration compliant and manufactured in America. So all competitive shooters safely use them already. WADA’s guidelines are very strict and arguably overkill for eSports, but this should give you peace of mind.

...and because we’re an exclusive brand, that’s celebrating our 3rd year since AIMCISE’s launch... we’ll pass the wholesale price to you!

Full Month Supply $14.99 / Bottle + FREE shipping

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The Powerful Benefits of ProFocus and RokSolid

  • ​No tolerance problems, so you don’t have to worry about decreasing benefits from more use
  • ​No jittering to amplify to make you even more nervous
  • ​No post-caffeine crashes
  • ​You won’t be over caffeinated to the point of losing sleep


"I wanted to take a second and talk to you about Aimcise newest supplement, RokSolid. You don't get the nervous like shaky anxiety. You still get excited, it's still fun but you make better shots than you would in the past."

- Dave Gore | Aimcise Pro Hunter

"Aimcise is the first company I've found that has made it easy for me to keep with my routine. The pills aren't huge or hard to swallow, they don't require you take 50 a day and they allow me to focus on taking only the vitamins and minerals my body needs."

- Crystal Gauvin | Pro Championship Compound Female

"My favorite product is the ProFocus. I really like that one just because obviously it's going to help you focus, that's in the name, but also it really help calm your nerves, helps keep you relaxed and it gives you the confidence that you need going into the first scoring round of the day."

- Paige Pearce | Pro Championship Compound Female

"I love this supplement. I've found it to be very beneficial for long shooting rounds or even long sits in the tree stand. I've also noticed my focus has improved for lectures at school as well. I highly recommend."

- Bailey Smith | Pro Hunter & Archer

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ProFocus and RokSolid safe?

We manufactured them at an FDA Certified Facility and is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A GMP certification means our products meet quality standards and are made the same. We only use OTC legal supplements and it doesn’t breach WADA guidelines.

Q: Can I take ProFocus and RokSolid anytime?

We suggest you take ProFocus in the morning or noon. But never at night, because you will have trouble falling asleep with your heightened alertness. RokSolid can be taken anytime.