Stop Wasting Money On “Gas Station” Energy Drinks (Try This Instead)

“So much better than my usual energy drinks!” — Larry L.

What’s Causing The New American Energy Crisis?

Fact: 76% of Americans report feeling fatigued 5 or more days a week.1 Consistent low energy can affect productivity, mood, and even longevity.

Energy, of course, is absolutely crucial for good health. Problem is, even with proper sleep, many Americans still find themselves feeling fatigued.

To combat that, Americans drink over 100 BILLION energy drinks every year. What most people don’t know is, they’re vastly overpaying for these products every single time.

The Truth About Overpriced “Gas Station” Energy Drinks

People love energy drinks, but they come with some problems. They can leave drinkers jittery & unfocused — resulting in a crash once they wear off (usually 3-4 hours later). Most energy drinks are super-pricey, but the cost of manufacturing these beverages is surprisingly inexpensive.

Energy drink companies mark-up their products at 3 stages:

  1. Brewing and canning the drinks
  2. Selling drinks through 3rd-party retailers
  3. Spending hundreds of millions on slick marketing

Those costs add-up... and energy drink companies force consumers to pay. By the time you bring that can to the checkout counter, you’re spending a minimum of $3 and sometimes over $5!

AIMCISE, originally developed for ex-military competitive shooters and professional hunters to enhance focus and performance in demanding situations, is now available for the general public. Additionally, a new iteration of AIMCISE has been introduced, which cuts out the middlemen and saves you money — it's finally back on the market.

The Innovative Formula Designed To Boost Energy & Save Money

Clean Energy & Focus

Vitamins, Antioxidants, Electrolytes

Tastes Great, No Jitters

Just $1 per day

6 Active Ingredients

100% Sugar-Free

Aimcise Ready a clean, effective, and affordable supplement that promotes vigilance, vision, and energy.

Unlike conventional energy drinks, Aimcise Ready comes in a highly concentrated powder. Simply take one capsule daily for potent and long-lasting energy support. Plus, because the powder is less expensive to manufacture and ship, it’s more affordable than traditional options.

The Aimcise Ready formula contains 6 active ingredients, including: Aquamin, Caffeine, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Dynamine™ and Teacrine©. It also has a boatload of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols. And unlike most caffeinated drinks, Aimcise Ready contains electrolytes to help keep you hydrated.

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Thousands of Americans are getting delicious, affordable energy with Aimcise READY — but fair warning: inventory is limited. And due to delays at our shipping port, it may not be in stock again for several months.

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Once You Try Aimcise READY, You’ll Never Go Back:

Why Are Customers Raving About Aimcise READY?

Check out these reviews from verified Aimcise READY customers:

“As someone who has been using the entire Aimcise line, I have to say I love the new product READY. As it combined 3 of the products I was previously using, it has made it more convenient to use the line as there are less to take, but especially when I travel as I have less to pack! Also, this product is even more effective! I am not a coffee or energy drink taker, but notice I am more alert and focused for longer when I take READY than when I don't, and even when compared to the previous system! There is no "crash" and as a competitive archer I can safely take this with no worries! READY for the win!”
— Tricia Oshiro.
“I did enjoy it and I would say it works quite well it cetanly offers a good pick me up. No negative effects as far as I am aware of which is very nice and important especially for the shooter.”
— Jeremiah Polacek.
“Does exactly what it says it does- clean, smooth energy, without the jitters or crash. I use it to help get me going for the day and to grind out work. It replaces coffee and energy drinks for me when I take it. I am super sensitive to caffeine and energy supplements, but Aimcise gave me a clean high without the jitters, post crash, an post anxiety. I have tried every energy supplement and drink out there and so far this is performing as one of the best and definitely one of the cleanest.”
— Bill H.

How Does Aimcise READY Compare To Store-Bought Alternatives?

Aimcise READY

Gas Station Energy Drinks

Uses powerful, plant-based ingredients

May contain chemical ingredients

Filled with natural antioxidants & minerals

Few healthy ingredients

100% Sugar-Free

May contain large amounts of sugar

Long-Lasting Energy

3-4 hours followed by a crash

Contains a rich supply of essential minerals

Can possibly cause dehydration

Packed With Healthy Nutrients

Contains little to no key nutrients

Recently, I had to pick up a second job to help make ends meet, so I’ve been exhausted all the time. I used to drink 2-3 energy drinks every day, and while I appreciated the extra boost, the expenses started piling up.

I was spending way too much on energy drinks. The whole point of the second job was to make money and here I was spending it just so I could stay awake. I had to find an alternative.

I did some research on energy drinks and found this: Aimcise READY. These little packets of energy dissolve into a cup of water to form a tasty, orange energy drink.

What attracted me is that it has all the ingredients in traditional energy drinks plus a lot more. The best part? It’s way cheaper — this stuff is less than a buck a cup! I seriously couldn’t believe it. I’m saving so much money now. Plus, I get it on subscription, so I’m saving even more.

Not to mention, it includes Aquamin, rich in essential minerals.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for an affordable, delicious, energy alternative... I seriously can’t recommend Aimcise READY enough — you won’t regret it.

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1. Peterson A. 76 Percent of Workforce is Tired Most Weekdays Says New Study. Virgin Pulse. Published 2014.