Finally, a New Way to Shoot Without Brain Fog That Works

Getting into ‘flow states’ is the Holy Grail of shooting accuracy, smooth drills and elite performance.

Trying to stay focused is harder than ever. We get bombarded with texts, emails, and social media notifications every day.

So we feel restless and unsatisfied, because a cloud looms over your head. We can’t concentrate in the present moment, because we’re easily distracted.

Just imagine, you rarely get time at the range. But when you do, you can’t help but think about your next mortgage payments, prep for an upcoming meeting, and an errand for your spouse. Worst yet, you lose your train of thought. Your shots will be off and you get little value out of your practice. 

In the field you could experience the same thing, you can’t stay in the present moment. You might be going home across a dark parking lot on complete “auto-pilot”.... and if in that moment something happens where you depend on your shot, you could jeopardize your and your family’s life.

In other words, “brain fog” can appear out of nowhere in the worst moment possible. The good news is, Brain Fog isn’t a medical condition, but its symptoms affect your ability to think. You feel confused, disorganized, have trouble with memory recall and can’t focus.

While many people struggle with distractions and brain fog, some have found a way to overcome it almost on demand.

An Easier Way to Achieve Flow State.

To shoot without brain fog, you need to be in Flow State.

What is Flow State?  It means you feel fully involved and immersed in an activity, to the point of total focus and beyond the point of distraction. 

Time slows down for you and nothing else matters. Your mind and body operate like a well-oiled, efficient machine.

Finally, a Supplement to Help Shooters with More Focus and Speed.

Nootropics boomed because of the movie Limitless (2011). Many marketers have taken to this and made extraordinary claims of being an actual life NZT-48, like the movie.

We know better than that. That’s why Aimcise’s ProFocus is different.

First of all, it was specifically developed for shooters, by shooters.

To improve your shooting cognitive functions you need to boost production of neurotransmitters, calm your nerves and be in a positive mood. And ProFocus carries out these goals.

With its proprietary blend, ProFocus helps you stay sharp and clear minded.

How ProFocus Works

So how does ProFocus create Flow States? How does it make you vigilant?

Many nootropic stacks simply throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks. It’s a one size fits all method. Aimcise, on the other hand, is more methodical with the ingredients. We pick what you need, and nothing more.

Discipline Matters

Flow state is like greasing the path. Once it gets going, you gain tons of momentum and much can get done. 

But you can’t overlook the initial push. That first action.

This means taking that first step to do the work. It’s harder than it sounds. Just like no one wants to go to the gym in the morning. 

For a shooter, that means going to the range regularly, and practicing. It means maintaining and inspecting your gear all the time.

But once you show up and do it, everything gets easier, because it becomes a habit. And it stacks every time. The more you master the fundamentals, the easier it becomes to absorb complex techniques.

ProFocus isn’t a miracle pill, it gets you a few steps towards a goal. But you need to complete the journey on your own.